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You have never experienced the sensation of being carried over the sea in the embrace of the wind?

Let Eolos* carry you away . . . . . . . . .

Your sailing vessel

and the gods of wind and sea

comfortably carry you from island to island over the crystal clear waters of the Aegean

for a period of 8 to 9 days (advised length of trip)

through the Dodecanese Island Chain in the western Aegean Sea 

Come back to a simpler time, to a different time, one you may remember, or possibly never have experienced -and will surely find welcoming. Walk along the narrow streets of whitewashed villages uncontaminated by the trendy modern ways, weathered by the passage of time; meander among the stone walled gardens and houses alongside the kind inhabitants - the Greek islanders who have changed little in their way of living, only "adapting" to the conveniences of recent change. By sailing to the islands, we slip easily into the Greek way of living, quiet non intrusive travelers experiencing travel by wind power and normal Greek island life.

Patmos, Kalymnos, Lipsos, Marathi, Agathonissi, are among the islands where we find secluded bays to drop anchor for the night after a day's sail, each with it's own style and "flavor".

Everyday waken to sunshine, a dip in the sea, and a leisurely breakfast on board or ashore. Pwyll is your home on the water for the duration of your trip.

Bakeries and cafes abound in the islands of the Dodecanese, as well as the villages of Turkey. Set sail after a leisurely morning watching Greek island life enjoying a frothy "cafe frappe" cold Greek coffee and Melopita (apple tart).

Each day when we set sail we will judge how much time we want to be out on the water; most of the afternoon into the evening is usually spent sailing, taking advantage of the very late sunset. Wind conditions will determine the destination and time spent sailing.

No problems, no worries, and no logistics to worry you. It is the best way to visit the islands, and the sailing is second to none here.

Even if it is your first "live aboard" experience, we will make you feel confident and comfortable in your new environment.

Towards evening, we head to shore, dropping anchor where we find a small dock, a good taverna, or a deserted cove. We normally go ashore to a taverna/restaurant situated close to where the boat is docked so that returning after a Greek style meal, satiated and ready for sleep in our berths aboard Pwyll, is never difficult!

In the morning, waken when you please, go for a swim or a snorkel, take a walk or an island exploration hike, find a nice spot on the shore to read, or a cafe' while the locals wander in for a morning coffee and chat. Watch the day unfold, Greek Island style, Greek Island pace!

As your skipper and host I will escort you around these islands which have become home to me in the many years spent sailing here; these islands have become "my backyard."
This is a sharing experience, the more the crew participates, the better the experience that I can provide to you. I will partake in every aspect of life on board and am pleased to help you learn all about it. 

What sets my way of sailing apart is the attention to each person, each group that I am a board with; I do my utmost to help you prepare for your trip and to customize your trip within the parameters of the type of trip that I like to offer. Please note, if you are a couple looking for privacy and a captain that is just there "as the captain" I don't think that I am what you are looking for.     

      I enjoy getting to know my guests, learn about their lives and I share my sailing life and experiences with you. 

You will enjoy the pleasures of the "live-aboard" lifestyle as well as being afforded a taste of the traditional island life.

My Sunfizz is a well balanced and comfortable yacht and she sails easily as are all French built sailing yachts.

Learning "the ropes" is also facilitated by the yacht's comfortable layout up top. The steering position, cockpit and overall arrangement make teaching and learning nautical ways, part of the enjoyment of this holiday. You can take in as much of the sailing "know how" as you like, and leave the rest to me.

How is the yacht organized? How do we live aboard?

Besides our "common space" on board, the sloop has three double berth cabins, of which two are used by guests, one by the captain, and a central head. Trip costs are based on 4 passengers, double occupancy, but we can accommodate up to 5.

We are based in the Greek Dodecanese Island chain, in the middle so as to more comfortably sail to surrounding island, north of Rhodes about 100 miles. There are various ways of arriving, and although it takes a little longer to get here, you have come to what is considered by cruising connoisseurs as one of the world's best cruising grounds, and one very uncluttered by charter boats, as well.

We suggest either flying direct to Athens, or via London with a comfortable stopover. There are connecting services by sea from Rhodes or Athens. There are many flights a day to Rhodes, which makes it more convenient to arrive there, either by charter flight from London, or via Athens, with a stopover in Rhodes. There are various ways to reach all of the islands in this chain and from Rhodes: Ferry, hydrofoil, or catamaran. I suggest the catamaran.

The old fortress city of Rhodes is well worth a stop of a day or two, one of the most interesting historical sites in these islands. Alternatively, arrive in Athens, spend a couple days touring, then arrive for your departure, possibly a day before sailing so as to be rested.

We have chosen this area for sailing and our home for many reasons: its strategic position in the Dodecanese chain allowing us the best choice of routes around the islands; it has an airport, a reasonable amount of services and not so much tourism as to be unattractive but enough to provide an infrastructure that is convenient. These islands still preserve their traditional charm and could be a nice "land" addition to your trip. I can recommend a couple small hotels by the shore for some time on land if you choose, or just the night before or after your sail. You may also choose to take a room on shore occasionally during the trip, where accommodations are available near where we dock.

We invite you to try a sailing/touring holiday which will be most likely, very different from any other holiday experiences that you have ever had. 

It is my goal to make my crew feel comfortable and safe, enjoying to the fullest the experience of sailing and living aboard. Not having sailing experience is not an issue, a majority of our guests are people who have never sailed before.

This is truly a sailing holiday, we raise the sails everyday and really sail. (there are companies that call their trips "sailing trips, when in fact the sailing part is minimal, or they are not really sailing vessels, rather "gulets") .

If you choose to "learn the ropes" I do not yell or bark out commands, as is somewhat characteristic of skippers... I prefer to help you to learn as much about sailing as you wish during your holiday in a comfortable and easy environment.

You will be with a skipper who continues this work for the enjoyment of sharing this unique way of life on the sea, the freedom of being transported by the wind, of living with the past as present, in lesser known locations. I have been a live-aboard for many years, since 1999; my boat-home will feel like home to you too from the first day.       

I bring a great deal of "local knowledge" to my trips; these islands are our home, our "backyard" . For some years now since we started building a sustainable passive solar home. Greece is home to us and feels like home. We are grateful to be living among these deep and resourceful island Greek people.

This will be, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience and vacation that just might change the way you see how you live on this planet. Many sources now speak of how reconnecting with nature can positively effect your life, and how people are losing the vital rhythms of life and so living confused and troubled lives.

The purity of the sea, the simple joy of filling the sails with wind, and visiting places of natural beauty all contribute to connecting you to the earth in a beautiful way.

EMAIL CONTACT: [email protected] 

* Eolos is the Greek God of the Wind